[aprssig] pgm for TH-D7 to create .kml ?

Corey Shields cshields at indiana.edu
Wed Mar 26 08:48:43 EDT 2008

Greg Clark wrote:
> Does anyone know if there is a program that takes the APRS packet data
> from the D7 and generates KML files for google earth?  Seems like a
> dead simple way to get live mapping capability without having to set
> up some of the other more complicated programs.

I wrote this a few years back to trace the path of ballooon flights in 
Google Earth (we were using D7s in the command module).  It isn't suited 
for general use out of the box and isn't "live" but if you know a little 
python you could probably make it work for what you need.

Couple of things to note:
- the initial view within Google Earth is set at the top of the script, 
change the LOOKAT variables
- There is a small issue in my micE conversion that causes a bit of 
deviation.  I never got around to tracking this down.
- Only tracks one callsign

I've attached the log from one of our flights, so to run this you would do
python ./APRStoKML.py balloonposits.txt KB9JHU-10

If you are looking for something that shows a live view of APRS data, 
you might want to look into the APRSKML project.  This app takes a 
stream of APRS data and provides a server for your Google Earth to watch 
and periodically update from.


-Corey  KB9JHU

Corey Shields
High Performance Systems, Indiana University - UITS

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