[aprssig] pgm for TH-D7 to create .kml ?

K7FTP k7ftp at commtechreview.net
Tue Mar 25 13:05:13 EDT 2008

I have not seen anything like that, but I am playing around with a TopGlobal 
MB6800 router.  It will take a Sprint USB device (for EVDO service) and give 
you 4 wired ethernet ports to share it on, plus 802.11g.  If you use a 
device like the U727 which has a GPS receiver, it will create a page that 
can be hit by anyone accessing the public-facing IP for the device.  The 
page code looks like this...

 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
- <kml xmlns="http://earth.google.com/kml/2.1">
- <Document>
- <Style id="exampleBalloonStyle">
- <BalloonStyle>
- <text>
- <![CDATA[
 <b><font color="#CC0000" size="+3">Top Global</font></b> <br/><br/> <font 
face="Courier">MobileBridge GPS</font> <br/><br/> Longitude:  -000.000000 
<br/>Latitude:  00.000000 <br/>Time:  00:00:00 UTC<br/><br/>  ]]>
- <Placemark>
  <name>Current Location</name>
  <description>Got the location information from the MobileBridge GPS of Top 
Global Inc.</description>
- <Point>

If someone goes into Google Earth and goes to ADD, NETWORK LINK and enters 
the IP/gps.asp (or a DynDNS entry that you have setup like 
xxxx.getmyip.com/gps.asp), they will be able to see the page as it updates 
every x seconds.

I thought that this example might be helpful in setting something like this 

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> Does anyone know if there is a program that takes the APRS packet data
> from the D7 and generates KML files for google earth?  Seems like a
> dead simple way to get live mapping capability without having to set
> up some of the other more complicated programs.
> -- Greg K7RKT
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