[aprssig] Small LINUX build

Greg D. ko6th_greg at hotmail.com
Thu Mar 13 22:47:30 EDT 2008

Agreed, Scott.  I have installed a fairly complete version of SuSE Linux on a 512mb flash, with space left over, for use in an imbedded controller project at work.  Doing a regular install and leaving out the big things (X-windows, KDE/Gnome, and all the X-based stuff mainly) was easier than hunting down a small footprint Distro, since I've been using SuSE for many years.  There's still a lot of stuff I don't need (CUPS, and a bunch of other things), but it fit, so I stopped there.

I've seen Linux run completely from a floppy disk (but it didn't do much), and there are several distros that fit easily and run completely from a CD ROM, one in particular fits on the small "credit card" size 50mb disk.  I find they are particularly useful for recovering crashed Windows PCs...

Have fun,

Greg  KO6TH

> Date: Thu, 13 Mar 2008 09:31:52 -0700
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> Does 1GB even count as small?  I think I used a 32 MB flash card last 
> time I loaded up a Soekris box (I forget the distro).  Didn't have any 
> room for a development environment, but no shortage of space for services.
> Most of my Linux boxes used to have drives in the 200 MB range.  Just 
> install Debian (or your own favorite distro) and take out the packages 
> you don't need.  X is a big one to leave out if you don't need graphics.
> Scott
> N1VG
> Andrew Rich wrote:
>> Hello
>> I have a HP thin client that has a 1GB flash drive and would like to run 
>> LINUX on it.
>> Anyone out there in ham radio land had expeience with small LINUX builds ?
>> Puppy LINUX looks like a contender ?
>> Cheers
>> Andrew Vk4TEC
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