[aprssig] Rotate.aprs.net technical question (Was: APRS IS Issue ?)

Jason KG4WSV kg4wsv at gmail.com
Mon Mar 3 18:22:43 EST 2008

On Mon, Mar 3, 2008 at 4:12 PM,  <dick at kb7zva.com> wrote:
> Simple question...
>  How many connects do you feel the Core can handle? Before you answer,
>  re-read the original question and realize it was only an assumption.

Well, I am the new guy (new to the core; not new to running enterprise
class servers and services, and that's what the core is), and I'm
still getting up to speed and just operating according to what the old
hands advise me.  I don't want to make a bunch of sweeping statements
and recommendations since I just got here.

With that caveat, the way the core was configured this morning it
would accept 1025 connections before hitting the connection limit.  If
those additional connections were appropriately filtered (e.g. not
full feeds), I don't see any problem at all handling them.  Speaking
for third, I think it would handle quite a few more _filtered_
connections (but too many full feeds would cause bandwidth problems).
I don't have a good feel for filter CPU time yet, so I don't know how
many "quite a few" actually are.

Bandwidth is the current issue: in its first 24 hours, third
transmitted about 14 gigabytes of data, and it's beginning to look
like that was a slow day.

In the couple of days I've been participating I have just begun to
look at APRS-IS network structure and traffic.  At first glance, the
thing that appears most untenable is growth in the number of full
feeds.  I think filters are our friends for future stability and
growth of APRS-IS.


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