[aprssig] APRS IS Issue ?

Stan N0YXV n0yxv at gihams.org
Mon Mar 3 00:25:29 EST 2008

Ok you can all shoot me now but I thought I'd add a little fuel to the fire. 
Honestly I'm not trying to make people upset but a couple of thoughts came 
to mind that I thought might be interesting for future growth and learning. 
Some times we learn the most from our mistakes.

1.) We knew for a month that 3rd and 4th would be gone. Why wasn't a new 
THIRD put into place before the deadline? Why did we have to wait until the 
two remaining servers were full before we figured out that we needed to 
increase the threshold on FIRST? Wonder what would have happended if we had 
run out of capacity during a big disaster like a Katrina? The object of 
servers shouldn't be to meet the demand but to be able to have enough 
overhead for the unexpected.

2.) When it was decided that the core take on the CWOP program it would 
appear that there wasn't a lot of preplaining. I mean we knew long before 
the core took the project on that weather stations reported in a 5 minute 
(or less) fashion. Couldn't a person calculate the amount of traffic and 
server resources from what was already an exsisting service? Not to 
anticipate a growth in CWOP data and plan ahead would seam to be a hugh 
mistake. (Sounds like that was already admitted to but just wanted to bring 
it up to get it back into the discussion.)

I'll get my flame suit ready but my intent isn't to put more salt into old 
wounds but to see if there isn't something we can learn from our past 
mistakes so that we don't repeat them. 

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