[aprssig] Emcomm Activation.

John Ronan jronan at tssg.org
Mon Mar 3 05:17:14 EST 2008

Thanks for the replies

On 2 Mar 2008, at 13:22, Bob Bruninga wrote:

>> Are there any groups using APRS as part of an
>> Emcomm group call-out/ activation process?
>> I was just wondering if anyone has developed a
>> mechanism.
> That was fundamentaol to the original conecpt.  I'm not sure how  
> well it works in all clones, but here are all the methods that were  
> designed into the original APRS to assure all operators got the  
> call-up.
> 1) If someone posted a call-up bulletin, it would be placed on the  
> 2) On receipt, that COMMONO BULLETIN BOARD SCREEN would be forced  
> on ALL users until read.  Only immediate, relevant latest bulletin  
> is on that screen.
> 3) A BEEP  "B" (== * * * in CW) would occur once a minute until the  
> operator read the bulletin.  THus alerting his attention if he was  
> not watching.  Here is the web page about the COMMON BULLETIN BOARD:
> http://www.ew.usna.edu/~bruninga/aprs/bulletinBoard.txt
> There were additional POSITION alert mechanisms:
I need to check with the D710, as I'm not sure how that behaves on a  
bulletin being sent.  Xastir pops up a screen, but I tend to always  
have sound down, so I must check that as well.

I was thinking of adding a command to Digined to either send out a  
bulletin to on command AND to send messages  (which you mention  
below) to a specific list of operators known to have APRS.

> 4) If anyone sent an emergency posit, the map screen would be  
> forced on all users.  It would be centered and zoomed into that  
> stations symbol.  That symbol would be displayed in bright red.
This seems to work ok (and is very effective on the Kenwood radios),  
but unless sent with NOGATE as part of the path, I guess it would  
start to annoy folks after a time.  "Crying Wolf" syndrome I guess.

> 5) The PC would beep (SOS in CW) repeatedly until the operator  
> attended.
> 6) If anyone sent a PRIORITY posit, the same thing would happen but  
> without the BEEP.
I must test that.

> 9) In APRStt (APRS Touchtone) any APRS message that was sent to  
> APRStt would be SPOKEN onto the APRStt channel.  Remember, APRStt  
> was an DTMF-to-APRS-to-VOICE system so that anyone with just any  
> mobile radio or HT, could fully participate in all aspects of  
> APRS.  That is, their data could be input from their DTMF keypads  
> including messages, and they could get voice response that verbally  
> "painted" the APRS picture (all of this on the separate local  
> APRStt channel).
Very cool, but does it not require remembering quite a lot extra  
information.  I think anyone 'that' interested in the first place,  
would already have a TH-D7.

Just my 2 cent (0.02 Euro).

I'm going to try out the different scenario's above, see what I can  
come up with.


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