[aprssig] Emcomm Activation.

John Ronan jronan at tssg.org
Tue Mar 4 07:26:00 EST 2008

On 3 Mar 2008, at 10:17, John Ronan wrote:

> Morning,
> Thanks for the replies
> On 2 Mar 2008, at 13:22, Bob Bruninga wrote:
>>> Are there any groups using APRS as part of an
>>> Emcomm group call-out/ activation process?
>>> I was just wondering if anyone has developed a
>>> mechanism.
>> That was fundamentaol to the original conecpt.  I'm not sure how  
>> well it works in all clones, but here are all the methods that  
>> were designed into the original APRS to assure all operators got  
>> the call-up.
>> 1) If someone posted a call-up bulletin, it would be placed on the  
I've had a brief look at this.

Digi_ned's bulletin feature may have enough to do it.

Basically I'm looking at three commands that respond with Bulletins


The first two only send out bulletins. These pop up xastir's bulletin  
screen here and I know they cause the D710/D7 to beep.

For the Activate message I was going to also add in a directed  
message to every known aprs equipped operator.

I need to read the Digi_ned manual a bit more (as Henk probably  
already has it in there), but it would be nice to insert the callsign  
of the operator who triggered the various alerts.

Responses to the alerts will obviously be dictated in our handbook.

The Priority messages seemed to get no response from either other  
Kenwoods or xastir, but it was only a quick test.

de John
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