[aprssig] Status text & related frustrations

Phillip zl2tze at yahoo.com.au
Tue Jul 22 16:09:39 EDT 2008

Hi Steve,
                  This is a global problem due to the APRS spec change a few
years back, some countries stayed with the old and some moved 
with the New paradigm n-N and some mixed both together !!!

The only real fix I believe since the APRS spec now no longer supports the
old paradigm is to encode all NEW Trackers and Programs with the New
Paradigm n-N 

If the major Kit producers said enough is enough and only allowed the new
paradigm in their firmware as of now this would help.

This should have been thought out back when the new paradigm was moved, but
then who would have thought that so many would not change..

Yes again having all the old paradigm stored on websites doesn't help the
cause either and  website cleansing needs to be done by many site owners
around the world to reflect what is current and day to day use not yesterday
etc ..

73 Phillip

Message: 6
Date: Mon, 21 Jul 2008 10:31:35 -0700 (PDT)
From: Steve Noskowicz <noskosteve at yahoo.com>
Subject: Re: [aprssig] Status text & related frustrations
ARggggg!   Just an observation...P L E A S E done try to explain why it's
this way.
  While I'm understanding more of the reasoning and background of some of
the APRS parameters and practices... this is, unfortunately, I believe, one
of the reasons APRS is not for the faint of heart and probably having
difficulty picking up momentum.  Shoe-horning various things into other
frame slots (I understand the benefit) and mixed terminology, such as:
Then: UI, Unnumbered, Unproto
I know it is not intentional, but various explanations don't stick to a
rigid terminology (or provide a magic decoder ring).  It may be the way we
talk, but its darn near impossible to get the proper understanding when
reading stuff on the web.   [ Not to pick intentional, but MANY pretty  good
PowerPoints still have RELAY,WIDE in them.  Web pages REQUIRE upKeep - I
know it's work.
AND, yea, I know, if I was an old Packet operator, this would all fall into
place, but I'm not AND I don't believe I need to be.  I'm not an idiot, I'm
just not familiar with the long standing, relaxed, way of talking.
Short form: We need the proverbial Cliff's Notes.  There's still a lot of
tutorials out there with RELAY,WIDE in them!  hint, hint, wink, wink,  nudge
Just the other day I, for the first time, had my D700 in Packet mode and I
was just watching packets on a dumb terminal.  It looked like KA9LDD-2 has
RELAY last... Yikes, check out his raw packets!  Either he's really confused
or trying to be difficult. I sent him a note...we'll see.
73, Steve, K9DCI

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