[aprssig] TM-D700 w/RC-D710

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Tue Jul 22 13:02:59 EDT 2008

> That is one of the reasons why the RC-D710 
> is already being... heavily discounted at stores.  
> A combination of poor marketing and 
> what ended up being a pretty limited accessory.

Actually, it is an extremely versatile accessory, since it can
be hooked to a Kenwood, Yeasu, ICOM, DSTAR, Alinco, or just
about any radio or HT that exists and can turn it into  a fully
functional D710 current up-to-date APRS radio...

IN fact, those people with DSTAR radios should consider hooking
the RC-710 APRS Display head to their ICOM DSTAR Radios (with
the analog band tuned to 144.39 and voice-alert) and that way
they have full APRS receipt and display while having full DSTAR
voice too.  The RC-710 APRS display head can even be hooked to a
20 year old IC-2AT and provide the same up-to-date APRS displays
and tracking for the mobile operator.

When you separate the D710 control head from the D710 radio,
other than the radio functions, the only APRS functions I can
think of that you lose are the AUTO-TUNE button, since it no
longer has a radio to tune.  But hook it to the speaker and mic
of any other radio, and you have a complete fully portable APRS
transmit and display system in your (big) pocket.  Carry it into
the EOC or anywhere, and have APRS where you need it.

I DO agree with you completely about how poor Kenwood's
marketing has been over the last 10 years of APRS radios.  Only
one ad in 10 years in my opinion has shown enough about APRS.
They usually just show a dual band radio.  When they do show the
APRS display, they show a function menu!?  I just don't see how
their ads give much of a hint to non-APRS hams at what the radio
or the separate RC-710 display head can do for APRS.  Thus, we
still have people thinking that APRS is nothing but a vehicle
tracking system.

I've been meaning to make a survey ... Ill do that in another


> On Tue, Jul 22, 2008 at 8:06 AM, Arte Booten 
> Am I correct in saying that the RC-D710 acts 
> only as a  TNC and packet/APRS display when 
> used with any radio other than the TM-V71? 
> That is, if I wanted to use it with my TM-D700,
> I'd still need to use the D700's control head
> as well as the RC-D710 [display]?

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