[aprssig] TM-D700 w/RC-D710

Arte Booten n2zrc at optonline.net
Tue Jul 22 11:06:38 EDT 2008

Hi all,

     Am I correct in saying that the RC-D710 acts only as a  TNC and
display when used with any radio other than the TM-V71?  That is, if I
wanted to
use it with my TM-D700,  I'd still need to use that radio's control head
as well
as the RC-D710?

     From what I've gleaned from the RC-D710's manual,  this is the case
... but
it doesn't  seem particularly clear about it.   Too bad Kenwood won't
update the
'700's firmware ... even with a trip to the service
center.                   73

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