[aprssig] HAMFEST objects on D700 or NOT !!

Steve Noskowicz noskosteve at yahoo.com
Fri Jul 18 19:50:52 EDT 2008

OK Bob,

  Yes.  That is the only permutation I could get my D700 to accept, except for plain HFEST.  

1 - HFEST2-6 liooks like Feb 6, so it's a bit user hostile, though that's all there is, except...

2 - Plain HFEST.

  Now, I figure HFEST could be ok ON THE DAY OF the hamfest.  Here's why.

First, Beacon HFEST with low power (range of 5-10 miles max), a very short path, if any, and, I think by necessity, NOGATE.

1 - Hams who don't know about it probably aren't going to do the APRS
HFEST search to see if one is "today", so it doesn't need to go on the

2 - Those who DO know about it will MOST LIKELY know at least the town name or other general location.

3 - ...SO ... they can drive within 5-10 miles of that locale and
either look for (or have been told)  the talk-in, or start getting
the beacons, with the talk-in, and just drive-to.

4 - The NOGATE path keeps it off the Net so it won't conflict with
another potental D700 "day-of" HFEST that sneeks through because he
forgot, didn't know about, or disagrees with the NOGATE.

Any holes in that concept?

For the heck of it, I'm gonna' see if computer input has the same
restrictions on the MYCALL - probably does, but I wanna' see it.

In Fact, thinking about it, any LOCAL object meeting type of event
doesn't need to go on the net for the same reasons #1, & #2.

Hey  a meeting would be a \h and HMEET, right?  or

P.S.  I'm working on my D700 Excel workbook, again.  It does
memories, memories and tunes the D700 and just figured out how to do
all the PM's -- something that the Kenwood MCP doesn't do.  It
only does the current one.

I agree, keep one PM for such local stuff.


73, Steve, K9DCI

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> I was gonna' do it for the Lake County, IL TechFest 
> on the 26th, but the D700 won't allow an SSID like that.

Good point.  And I do encourage D7, D700 and D710 operators to
be prepared to enter OBJECTS as needed to inform their fellow
APRS mobiles of things going on in the area.  I keep one of my
PM's for that purpose.  One use is plotting the locations of
POLICE cars when I pass them..  But I also try to remember when
I arrive at ANY Ham radio event, to leave the D700 running and
quickly change MYCALL to the name of the event.  That way, my
car is beaconing the location OBJECT for that event.  And with
the D710, the rate decays since you are no longer moving..

> How about this work around...

I think the abbreviated form (to fit into a MYCALL) could be
HFEST2-6.  This gets the date in there, and also will still be
found on the http://map.findu.com/HFEST* web page...

Bob, Wb4APR

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