[aprssig] Easier Way to Post Objects?

Ralph Milnes ralphmilnes at gmail.com
Sat Jul 12 12:11:32 EDT 2008

I wonder if there's any easier way to post OBJECTs and events? Objects are
troublesome to program and it's even harder to remember to do it.

How about if we had a website where we could post objects that would find
their way to FINDU?

* ease of entry
* less errors (you follow a template)
* automate start and end dates of the beacon
* beaconing rates less frequently than 60 minutes
* wouldn't need a 24/7 RF station to output the beacon

But I'm not very familiar with the internet-to-RF mechanisms. Will beaconing
of an object on the FINDU be relayed to RF for travelers to see? Can
beaconing be limited to some defined area? (California doesn't need to see a
Hamfest object in New Jersey.)

Just a rough idea that others might massage a bit ...

Ralph KC2RLM

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