[aprssig] HAMFEST objects on APRS or NOT !!

Steve Noskowicz noskosteve at yahoo.com
Fri Jul 18 00:55:31 EDT 2008

Well... (:-(   Arrrrg!  

I was gonna' do it for the Lake County, IL TechFest on the 26th, but
the D700 won't allow an SSID like that.  Damn SW specs !

How about this work around...  Do two of them.  One is
HFEST-2.  The other is HFESTT-6.  Then make sure the 6 one is
plotted first ( ? sent first ? ) and the 2 will overwrite the other on
the maps to look like 26.  They'll be the only ones *without*
unique suffix letters and that's ok because that is also unique 

I'll try it just to see what Findu and the others look like...

Sorta works ok *IF* you do the Stations near map:


but that's junk, of course...  Only on the map, only if it plots
in that order (reverse time for Findu)...only...only.  Oh
well.  Interesting experiment.

If someone else wants to...

Best guess until I get exact coords. and what their official talk-in will be

42  23.90 N

88  10.89 W

( This is the water tower very near last year's fest.  I didn't
go.  I just know it was reported as "under" the tower.)

N9IFG knows.

73, Steve, K9DCI

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