[aprssig] Auto-TUNE in the D710 for objects

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Wed Jul 16 17:29:32 EDT 2008

>> Yes, the D710 will tune to either the OBJECT NAME 
>> frequency or to the frequency included in someone's 
>> position text.  If there is one in both, then the 
>> OBJECT NAME is considered the repeater output freq 
>> and the frequency in the position text is considerd
>> as a non-standard input frequency. 
> This does not work 100%.
> ;145.750-B*111111z6018.95N/00506.55ErC097 LA7BR
> This tunes to 145.750 but the repeater split is not 
> activated even if the radio setup is using "auto 
> repeater offset on"

I wonder if this is USA centric?  In the USA, the 145 MHz band
above 145.49 is not used for repeaters.  But since Kenwood sells
a European version of the radio, then those radios should
reccognze the auto-repeater-offset in that region?  Can someone
confirm if this is a bug in the European version of the radio,
or if this a USA radio being used in Europe?

> ;145.750-B*111111z6018.95N/00506.55Er145.150MHz C097 LA7BR
> This tunes to 145.150 and xmit on 144.550

Is this a typo?  Or do you use 400 KHz splits over there?
> ;145.750-B*111111z6018.95N/00506.55ErC097 -0600Hz LA7BR
> This tunes to 145.750 and xmit on 145.150 and this is correct.

But is this getting the offset from your "-600Hz" or is it doing
it based on auto-offset of -600 Hz in that band range?

Thanks if you can clarify this... Thanks
Bob, WB4aPR

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