[aprssig] Auto-TUNE in the D710 for objects

kai.brandt at hjemme.no kai.brandt at hjemme.no
Thu Jul 17 03:11:45 EDT 2008

>> ;145.750-B*111111z6018.95N/00506.55ErC097 LA7BR
>> This tunes to 145.750 but the repeater split is not 
>> activated even if the radio setup is using "auto 
>> repeater offset on"

>I wonder if this is USA centric?  In the USA, the 145 MHz band
>above 145.49 is not used for repeaters.  But since Kenwood sells
>a European version of the radio, then those radios should
>reccognze the auto-repeater-offset in that region?  Can someone
>confirm if this is a bug in the European version of the radio,
>or if this a USA radio being used in Europe?

I'm using an european version with SkyCommand, Wireless functions enabled.
I'll check if the auto offset works tonight. 

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One day maybe Kenwood could stop difrensiate EU/US versions.
If i.e SkyCommand is illegal in one region then it's up to the user to not use this.
I do not belive that Kenwood is not allowed to sell the radio even if this "mode" is not allowed in some countries.
Or make the changes in firmware so that people don't have to modify the radio to get these functions if they are allowed to use them.
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>> ;145.750-B*111111z6018.95N/00506.55Er145.150MHz C097 LA7BR
>> This tunes to 145.150 and xmit on 144.550

>Is this a typo?  Or do you use 400 KHz splits over there?

No it's not a typo. It shows that the TM-D710 is ignoring the object name if thers a "MHz" text in the status text.
And for the record we are using 600KHz split.
145.150-0.6 = 144.55 
>> ;145.750-B*111111z6018.95N/00506.55ErC097 -0600Hz LA7BR
>> This tunes to 145.750 and xmit on 145.150 and this is correct.

>But is this getting the offset from your "-600Hz" or is it doing
>it based on auto-offset of -600 Hz in that band range?

This was just to show how we have to tweak the settings for it to work.
Now the radio uses the offset from the "-0600Hz" and ignores the auto-offset.

>Thanks if you can clarify this... Thanks
>Bob, WB4aPR

No problemo :o)

Kai Gunter

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