[aprssig] TM-D710 APRS symbol (also posted on theyahooV71/D710group)

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Fri Jul 11 14:00:19 EDT 2008

D710 tuning:

Yes, the D710 will tune to either the OBJECT NAME frequency or
to the frequency included in someone's position text.  If there
is one in both, then the OBJECT NAME is considered the repeater
output freq and the frequency in the position text is considerd
as a non-standard input frequency. (not sure if this complexity
is yet implemented)... 

> > http://www.ew.usna.edu/~bruninga/localinfo.html
> Looking at the above page in the "adding frequency 
> to your mobile or fixed station" section:
> * FFF.FFFMHz Tnnn ... or
> * FFF.FF MHz Tnnn ... or
> * FFF.FFFMHz ...
> However, right above there in the "formats for frequency 
> objects from digipeaters" section... 
> BTEXT ;FFF.FFxyz*111111zDDMM.hhN/DDDMM.hhWrTnnn RXXm 
> NETxxxxxx MTGxxxxx
> .........
> * Where ;FFF.FFxyz is the frequency, and 
> "xyz" are optional local unique characters
> Here is where I get confused. Can the D710s 
> still use the TUNE button for objects in that format...
> i.e. without "MHz" after the frequency?
> I take it that a "+" or "-" offset isn't needed 
> in the object for the D710s? I ask this because 
> I have a repeater object that still has a "+"
> in it for the offset. I'm wondering if that 
> should be removed and "MHz" should be used 
> in its place.

MHz only needs to be there if it is in the position text.  If it
is the object name, then there is no room for it.  Also I woiuld
remove the + since it makes the object not appear on FINDU...

> When the TUNE button is used in the D710s, does it 
> automatically enter the tone for the D710 user, or
> just the frequency?

The downloadable Dayton 2008 version of the firmware does the
TONE also.

> while I can understand the "xyz" after the
> frequency are to make the repeater objects unique, 
> does it really matter? 

No, not at all on local RF unless, as you say, there are two in
the same APRS "local" RF domain.  But it is nice to be able to
use FINDU to keep track of the global APRS system, so I would
try to make it unique.  Just do a map.findu.com/FFF.FF* and see
what is already in use...

Glad to hear you are implementing it.  Scan your local users,
and you will see that 90% are still not using the new standard
field for frequency...  A gentle note to them might help spread
the word...


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