[aprssig] D-STAR VOICE value?

Jason D. Triolo jasonacg at citicom.com
Tue Jul 8 18:29:55 EDT 2008

Ronny Julian wrote:

> What is the value of an Internet based linking system when the Internet 
> is gone?  Analog or Digital?  Does D-Star have a way of linking without 
> it that I'm not aware of?

D-Star repeaters within a region (such as a large metro area, or between 
two neighboring areas) can also be linked by a 10GHz system that Icom 
manufactures for D-Star repeaters.

Nice idea...if you can afford it. The hardware and necessary 
infrastructure are out of reach for an individual or average-sized 
club...well into five figures.

Without any sort of link (Internet or RF), the repeater can still 
function as a standalone. Voice quality is the same whether you're S9 or 
S2 (assuming that signal level is maintained). Audio quality 
sounds--well--digital. It's not the worst I've heard.

I'm in an area that's gone from no D-Star coverage to covering a 50-mile 
radius of Downtown Tampa, all in the past year, and most of that in the 
past six months--and a lot of people have rushed out and bought their 
radios. In that time, I can tell you that I think D-Star's biggest 
obstacle, is the steep learning curve. Grasping the basics has been 
tricky for even the most tech-savvy.

73 de Jason, KD4ACG

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