[aprssig] PIC processor for APRS info for D-STAR mobiles?

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Tue Jul 8 11:17:09 EDT 2008

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> Pete, this is what I meant by 'deliberately obtuse.'  Your response to

Asking people to do a little due diligence is not "deliberately obtuse".  It is "deliberately not repeating what is already published".

> sub-channel works and how it might be applied, and I for one don't want
> to join a D-STAR group and sort through all of the misinformation to
> try
> to figure out if D-STAR is even something I want to mess with.  So

You don't have a problem with the misinformation disseminated here ;-)

> again, if you want APRS users to seriously consider D-PRS, have a
> little
> patience and help us understand its capabilities and limitations.

To be honest, I don't care whether APRS users seriously consider D-PRS or not.  APRS users should use the modes that best fit their requirements.  I do care whether D-STAR users seriously consider D-PRS since it gives them access to the very good APRS client applications available.  As Rich pointed out, if a user buys a D-STAR radio with the intent to use that radio in D-STAR digital mode for APRS, they are going to be sadly disappointed because D-STAR DV is not a data protocol like AX.25 over FM.  If they buy a D-STAR radio for the other attributes that D-STAR offers (built-in AVRS-like capabilities, for instance), then they will be likely to look into using APRS clients (or APRS-IS database clients like aprs.fi) as an added feature which will bring them to looking at D-PRS.

Sorry if you consider my responses "obtuse".  I don't consider it "obtuse" to ask people read documents and web pages readily available on the Internet and not discuss them on a SIG where the discussion is clearly off-topic.


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