[aprssig] getting gcc onto a computer

Stephen - K1LNX k1lnx at k1lnx.net
Thu Jan 24 10:52:56 EST 2008

Congrats on the purchase Andrew! I'm sure you'll love it, I haven't been 
able to put mine down since I've gotten it :-)

I'll echo what Dennis said about Vmware and spaces, they are two things 
I use very much myself. Unity mode with a Windows install is the coolest 
thing I have ever seen. You can run apps in their own window that is 
part of the VM environment.

Once you install Xcode you should have all the tools needed to compile 
Xastir. I haven't tried that yet, I downloaded it off Macports, but when 
I get some free time I'm gonna give it a go.

Have fun!


Dennis Hudson wrote:
> Congratulations, I think you'll love your new Macbook. I have 3! I 
> have found "Spaces"(like linux' workspaces) and VMWare to be a great 
> way to get all my favorite(and not so favorite MS) flavors of OSes and 
> apps running on one hardware platform. There is even a xastir/ VMWare 
> already installed and compiled with it's own OS on Xastir's site.
> There is something to be said for compiling your own software. Soon 
> after OSX came out I was running Xastir natively under X11 with Curt's 
> help. On your OSX install discs are the Xcode Development tools you 
> need to compile your own software. If you look under "optional 
> installs" you should find the packages you need.
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> On Jan 24, 2008, at 08:39 AM, Andrew Rich wrote:
>> Just took the plunge into a macbook
>> I am going well so far, I just need to know how to get gcc onto the 
>> beast.
>> So I can start compiling xastir predict and gpredict
>> Ideas ?
>> I went to heaps of sites that talk about gcc
>> But it does not seem as clear cut ...
>> Andrew VK4TEC
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