[aprssig] RE: 6 meter APRS or meteorscater?

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Wed Jan 23 18:38:17 EST 2008

>>> How about having a super short MIC-E packet
>  Something like:

Problem is, while we were trying to nail down the final Grid
Square spec in both the APRS spec and the Kenwoods, I was
finding it very difficult to get consensus.  I never could
figure out who supported what.

> Following is what the propnet folks came up with...

> it might me useful to invest the extra 7 bytes 
> and include a one hop path.  

I don't think so.  If there is a path from A to B, then there is
not one from B to C.  The probability is vanishingly small, and
since the goal here is to have all these RX's at Igates, then if
the first one heard it, then the APRS-IS heard it.  SO, its
better to not bulk up the packet with the extra 7 bytes.

> I've never seen 50.63.   53.53 was the old propnet frequency.
> is the national packet freq and what many of the 100 watt rigs
> pre-programmed to.

OK, thanks.  See, I'm screwing up frequencies.. So lets go with
Ill add it to the web page until anyone objects.


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