[aprssig] Macbook for radio ?

Stephen - K1LNX k1lnx at k1lnx.net
Sun Jan 20 19:42:43 EST 2008

Definitely. I bought a black Macbook just before Christmas and I don't 
regret it one bit. OSX is a great OS, and as mentioned Xastir runs great 
under it.

I've not tried any other Ham apps (haven't had time yet), but was able 
to install Xastir via Macports and it works with my TH-D7 just fine.


Drew Baxter wrote:
> If you don't intend to use OS X, you might as well go get a Windows 
> laptop for half the price.
> The big advantage for Mac OS X is as simple as most things for 
> Unix/Linux will build cleanly and you still get a great looking and 
> useful OS.  It also boots in about 15-30 seconds (to desktop), 
> compared to most Windows OSes which take 1-2 minutes.
> My field laptop is a Macbook Pro purely because it's no-nonsense and 
> 'just works' and I second Xastir.  It installs fine from Macports.  We 
> run our iGate on FreeBSD and FreeBSD is most of the backend for OS X.
> --Droo, K1XVM
> At 02:50 PM 1/20/2008, Andrew Rich wrote:
>> Sorry I mean ripping off the OSX and puttin LINUX and windows on
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