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Sun Jan 20 01:47:07 EST 2008

Rivoli li 20 january 2008

dear friends, regarding the TM-D710E we think about having discovered the problem related to the missed transmission of the position beacon in our car, after stop of some times.  
We have noticed when it follows:  
In automobile the TM-D710E we hold it always turned on, also when we stop there for some times.   
but, when we start the motor, the battery of the automobile surrenders in power and the TM-D710-and extinguishes is and then to on its way motor, he relights! the TM-D710 E goes crazy and doesn't transmit  new positions noticed by the GPS anymore but continuous to transmit that some position of stop!  
Have you also noticed you this problem?   
Have overcome putting a battery from 10 Á. in parallel to the TM-D710E!
best 73
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