[aprssig] Davis Weather Station on APRS

Rich Garcia k4gpsc at gmail.com
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Yes the Davis is quite an expensive option I agree. I had one of the R/S
Wireless units for several years and it worked OK but the build quality was
poor and often times the data was unreliable. My station died after the 1st
or 2nd hurricane and I trashed it, not worth the trouble.

What other options are out there for wireless if any? IF I were to go wired,
and that is a BIG if what is the current quality of the Peet Bros'
equipment? I purchased several of them for a customer in the mid to late
90's and had quite a few problems with them right out of the box. Granted,
1st class service from them but it made me think twice about reliability and
longevity. My shack is a VERY long run from where I could place wind and
rain sensors and I would like some lightning protection so wireless is my
direction right now.


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You do need the Davis data-dongle-thingy to get the data out of the console.
The Davis WeatherLink software has the APRS reporting function builtin to
it, so
you should not need additional software.  It turns out the "CWOP" (Citizens'
Weather...) reporting function uses APRS (over the internet).  If I remember
right, the software came with the data interface.  I think there were also
standalone programs on the disk that would run APRS without the full
program running.  I did not play with that option.

Be careful that you don't mix Vantage Pro and Vantage Pro II accessories.
the most part they are not compatible.  I have used the Vantage Pro wireless
system for several years.  My only complaint is that it is a pretty
solution after you pay for the extras to get the data into a computer.  On
other hand, they are one of the few wireless solutions available.

My sensors just took a dive, literally -- guy broke and the mast fell over.
Both wind and rain sensors are dead.  Davis tells me it will be a flat $80
repair.  Not bad.
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