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Here's another gold nugget that I wanted to polish ...

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From: Brian Webster <bwebster at wirelessmapping.com>
TThe sad part is you could
 easily have a ham who
does not like to do the field response to easily
 create a tactical map by simply listening at
home to the nets, and the public safety scanner
to place objects such as bridges out, road closures
 the like that they hear. If they make a mistake
someone else can easily
 delete it from the map and
no real harm comes from it. The folks at the EOC
would love the help since they are always busy doing
a million other things.
 Many hands make light work.

Spot on, Brian.  There is more to it when applied in practice, but you hit the nail on the head when suggesting that Amateurs can provide a valuable service to EFR's (the sworn-officer community...not restricted to Red Cross, etc.) from "outside of the yellow tape area".  In fact, that was the driving topic of my DCC 2007 presentation.

The three major questions that need to be answered are these:
1. Can Amateurs/APRS be *counted upon* if asked/deployed?
2. Is the information situationally-accurate and EFR-reliable?
3. Can it be provided without placing Hams themselves in harms way?

The answers must come in two forms: conviction and demonstration.  We must be able to answer (without stuttering or pensiveness) "Yes" to all three, and then be ready to demonstrate our ability to do so ('cause they've heard promises before).

How do we get to this point?  Do we *want* to?  List members, your thoughts on these two questions?

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