The "Can/Do" gap [was: Re: [aprssig] Part 3/3: Updating APRS Clients (Consumer Needs)]

Ev Tupis w2ev at
Wed Jan 16 06:05:30 EST 2008

I *love* what I read below...

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From: Brian Webster <bwebster at>

"While there may be symbols, shapefiles, etc to do
 things...the fact is that few (if any) APRSers
are doing it consistently.

<>I wonder why?

    Because as Bob has always said, most APRS users
    never learned how...
    Most people don't realize that you can also ...
    I also think there is a large majority of hams
    that would rather
 follow or be told what to do
    and not necessarily take initiative.

Embedded in innocently shared thoughts are calls for action.  There is a small number of folks who are "do"ing.  Bob obviously is.  Wes is, too (he let me tour his SaaS-based (web-based, for those of us with roots in the 1990's <g>) incident database system, which is great!  Out of some 20,000 APRS users out there, there must be others, too.

Here's a "can" item.  What "can" we do to get the "do"ers networked together to assemble a "do" plan...a plan that would teach a consistent APRS-feature exploiting service-providing methodology that meets the needs of the EFR (as *they* define them)?

What are your (general list membership's) thoughts on the question above?

Ev, W2EV

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