[aprssig] Part 3/3: Updating APRS Clients (Consumer Needs)

Keith VE7GDH ve7gdh at rac.ca
Tue Jan 15 23:27:00 EST 2008

Brian N2KGC wrote...

> Because as Bob has always said, most APRS users never
> learned how to effectively use the "manual object placement"
> features of APRS. For some reason everyone thinks you need
> a GPS to do APRS....

If anyone hasn't created an object before, they should take the
opportunity to do so now. For UI-View users (and I know this includes
you Brian) the easiest way is to just click on the map and hit F5. This
automatically enters the lat/long. Give it a meaningful name, enter a
suitable comment (e.g. bridge out, power off, lost cow, free beer or
whatever) and select the correct symbol and you're done... unless the
cow was moving in each case you could enter a speed and direction. Check
your "object interval" and set it as appropriate to the situation. I
know, Bob wants such things to be pre-set, but if it's urgent, go with a
shorter interval time (10 mins?) or if it's non urgent, back it to 20-30
minutes or whatever, or even 60 minutes if it's something should be
around for a while, but doesn't need to be seen often. Need to move it?
Just ALT-drag it with your mouse. When you are done just right-click on 
it and select delete.

> I also think there is a large majority of hams that would rather
> follow or be told what to do and not necessarily take initiative.

That's me! Take me to your leader!

> you could easily have a ham who does not like to do the field
> response to easily help create a tactical map by simply listening
> at home to the nets, and the public safety scanner to place objects
> such as bridges out, road closures and the like that they hear...

Good idea! Yes, in an emergency, everyone can help in one way or the
other. Take care of yourself, your home and your family first, and then
if you can and want to help in the field, offer your services. If you
would rather help from home, monitor the radio, place or move objects,
contact others that can help, man phone lines (if they are working!),
pass traffic on HF or whatever. Those objects based on information from
the field could be really useful to the EOC as well as the mobile users
that can receive.

73 es cul - Keith VE7GDH
"I may be lost, but I know exactly where I am!"

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