[aprssig] Part 3/3: Updating APRS Clients (Consumer Needs)

Brian Webster bwebster at wirelessmapping.com
Tue Jan 15 22:06:12 EST 2008

<Snip> "While there may be symbols, shapefiles, etc to do these things...the
fact is that few (if any) APRSers are doing it consistently.

<>I wonder why?

<>Ev, W2EV"

	Because as Bob has always said, most APRS users never learned how to
effectively use the "manual object placement" features of APRS. For some
reason everyone thinks you need a GPS to do APRS. If we could get more APRS
operators to learn how to place objects on a map for other people who are
reporting things via voice you would have your tactical mapping with good
real time data.
	Most people don't realize that you can also manually place weather data
objects on a map. I have always pushed our regional Skywarn groups to have
an APRS operator on the net to spot the voice weather reports to the Weather
service Office (they have APRS and use it) by APRS message and put a manual
weather object on the map. Most don't want to learn this additional process
and procedure.
	I also think there is a large majority of hams that would rather follow or
be told what to do and not necessarily take initiative. While this is good
to keep renegades from getting out of control, it places all the work on a
select few to herd the cattle so to speak. The sad part is you could easily
have a ham who does not like to do the field response to easily help create
a tactical map by simply listening at home to the nets, and the public
safety scanner to place objects such as bridges out, road closures and the
like that they hear. If they make a mistake someone else can easily delete
it from the map and no real harm comes from it. The folks at the EOC would
love the help since they are always busy doing a million other things. Many
hands make light work. These are just my opinions and observations. Your
mileage may vary.

Thank You,
Brian N2KGC

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Why do you say in one paragraph they don't care about weather symbols, but
in the next they do care about weather?  Is this apparent contradiction an
indication that there is something wrong with the way APRS clients display
WX data?
I'll tackle this one more directly, then back away a bit more broadly...

EFR's want to know the weather.  However few are well versed in the meanings
of the WX symbols in the APRS symbol list.  Most understand NWS radar maps
and are excited excited when, with the push of a button, that data is
underlayed on their realtime CAD / incident maps.  That is "intuitive" Wx

Let's open the discussion more broadly...
Incident commanders want "Strategic, Incident Landmarks" that are updated by
authoritative sources, that can be counted upon to be accurate and
intuitively understood.

Examples include...hospitals with their "status" (red, blue, etc) and
incident triage centers with similar stats-at-a-glance.  Food depots with
inventory levels shown.  Traffic conditions in real time.

While there may be symbols, shapefiles, etc to do these things...the fact is
that few (if any) APRSers are doing it consistently.

I wonder why?

Ev, W2EV

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