[aprssig] LAST WORD on Position Ambiguity.

Curt, WE7U archer at eskimo.com
Tue Jan 15 12:36:04 EST 2008

On Fri, 11 Jan 2008, Harry wrote:

> Just a note to thank you for your extreme efforts toward uniformity and
> consistancy within APRS. I have been a subscriber to aprssig for a little
> over a month now, and I've been having a wonderful time reading the posts to
> you and about you from the 'engineers' who would like to define their
> universe (wherever THAT may be) in terms of boxes and other strict geometric
> shapes and configurations!

I find this a bit humorous, as some of us _are_ engineers, plus
we're reading/using the APRS spec, created/edited/approved by an
entire team of people.  The team included Bob, but he wasn't the
sole writer of the spec by any means.  It's true that a good part of
the spec was written to try to document the features of APRSdos,
which was the first implementation, but by the time of the spec it
was by no means the only implementation.

You may want to read the approved spec before blindly accepting what
any one person says as the one and true method.  Particularly if
what he/she is saying doesn't correlate with the approved spec!

Go read it...

> A fact I find absolutely amazing is that they are attempting to tell you
> what you are thinking, and therefore become authors of APRS. It does present
> a form of 'devine' comedy at times, doesn't it? Many blind men trying to
> describe how an elephant looks! It looks like an elephant, of course!

This shows that you believe Bob to the the know-all/see-all of APRS,
whereas he himself was trying to back away from that stance (at
least at one time) to have a team of people control the spec and
the direction for APRS.  It's not a one-man effort nor should it be.

Curt, one of many Xastir contributors and a contributor to the APRS
spec and addendums.

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