[aprssig] LAST WORD on Position Ambiguity.

Harry coyotemarten at gmail.com
Fri Jan 11 15:37:41 EST 2008

Hello Bob...
Just a note to thank you for your extreme efforts toward uniformity and
consistancy within APRS. I have been a subscriber to aprssig for a little
over a month now, and I've been having a wonderful time reading the posts to
you and about you from the 'engineers' who would like to define their
universe (wherever THAT may be) in terms of boxes and other strict geometric
shapes and configurations! 
My take on it is....that we're talking about spatiality and indefinite
locations. I see an ambiguous location as one within a sphere of influence
that might be pictured much like a radiation pattern of an antenna. What a
novel idea, eh? What advantages grid-squares have on a map is for guidance
alone, and until we get holographic imaging in APRS, I suppose a map will
have to do. After all, it IS the frame of reference that even earlier
Flat-Earthers had of their planet. My world exists as a sphere with no
'straight' lines to or from anywhere. Therefore, your idea of the concept of
ambiguity fits into my frame of 'location'. 
There is always going to be the nay-sayers who would dispute that black is
white and night is day, and the same holds true in the previous 'discussion'
of ambiguity. You'll not be able to change their minds, but you just might
change their direction of thinking. This is similar to the concept of a
vote. Votes don't count.....issues do. On the other side of ambiguity lies
improbability. It is improbable in my mind to conceive of anything but a
circle (sphere of one dimension) as representing an ambibuous position! All
those well-meaning folks need to do is THINK OUTSIDE OF THE BOX! But, to do
that, you first have to take away their straight-edged mindset. 
A fact I find absolutely amazing is that they are attempting to tell you
what you are thinking, and therefore become authors of APRS. It does present
a form of 'devine' comedy at times, doesn't it? Many blind men trying to
describe how an elephant looks! It looks like an elephant, of course!
Best regards...
Harry Martin
CN84JO fill-digi 
Lewisburg, Oregon
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