[aprssig] Mini-DIN patch cables

Scott Miller scott at opentrac.org
Mon Jan 14 00:46:10 EST 2008

> cool....    A 2.5mm stereo (i.e. 3-cond) plug on each end, with a 
> right-angle plug on one end, a straight one on the other, and the two 
> hot wires crossed over (i.e. tip-to-ring, ring-to-tip). 
> This would connect a Garmin Foretrex or similar GPS to a TH-D7's GPS 
> input.  Having the plug at the radio end lay flat against the side of 
> the HT's case instead of sticking way out would be nice.      I've 

Yeah, that one probably wouldn't have a ton of demand.  I think 200 
units is the minimum order, which isn't so bad, but I still have limited 
funds to devote to cables.  This one wouldn't be too hard to do with an 
off-the-shelf cable.  I already carry one that has the right-angle plug, 
putting the straight one on the other end is pretty easy.  Maybe I'll 
mention that one to Jason at RPC (you lurking out there, Jason?) and he 
could add it to his catalog.

> A similar cable with the right-angle 2.5mm stereo plug to a DB9 female 
> for a TH-D7-to-computer hookup would also be useful, and probably have a 
> wider market.   Again the right-angle mini-plug would dress the cable 

Someone's already doing that.  Jason's using the same cable for the 
RTrak - though oddly enough I was having crosstalk problems on mine the 
other day, and it seemed to be only with that cable that I had a problem.

> Or even better, a 2.5mm right-angle stereo miniplug to USB A, with the 
> FDTI USB-to-serial chipset in a molded "goiter" in the middle of the cable.

Now that gets a little expensive - I've looked at 'smart cable' molding, 
and I think the tooling starts at around $3k.  I'd have to find someone 
with the adapter part (the new ones Deluo sells have the electronics in 
the USB connector) and have them just do the 2.5mm thing separately. 
That's actually not a bad idea, I'd just have to hunt down a supplier, 
and I'm not sure what the minimums might be.


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