[aprssig] USAPhotoMaps

Doug Cox jdmcox at jdmcox.com
Mon Jan 14 12:59:22 EST 2008

My free Windows program, USAPhotoMaps, has more APRS capabilites now.
The APRS menu shows:
  Show Internet Data
  Show Previous Data
  Exclude/Include Lists (window)
  Comm Setup 
    Comm Port to TNC (window)
    TNC Baud (window)
  Setup to Transmit Location (window)
  Receive/Transmit APRS Data
  Transmissions (window)
  Stations (window)
    Edit Messages (window)
    Show Messages (window)
    Mark Object (window)
    Edit Objects (window)
    Show Objects

I'm still working on it, and would be happy to have any feedback.

It's at http://jdmcox.com/

Doug Cox

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