[aprssig] Mini-DIN patch cables

Scott Miller scott at opentrac.org
Sun Jan 13 22:45:21 EST 2008

Rich Garcia wrote:
> How about some Icom D-Star RS-232C Data cables? Those are used for both GPS
> and low speed data applications on the ID-800 and  IC-2820. The stock Icom
> cable runs anywhere from $28 to $40 depending on where it is purchased.

That definitely sounds like a good candidate.  I think I might start 
with just the PC cable - I already stock low-profile null-modem adapters 
that'd work to connect a GPS.  Do you think 1 meter is long enough, or 
should it be 2?  Based on the quotes I've gotten so far, I think I'd be 
able to sell these for not more than $10, less if I get a good deal on 
shipping.  The markup on cables most places is absolutely outrageous.

> OPC-1384. The cable pinout is noted below, very simple but for some of us
> soldering to these Mini-Din's is becoming more difficult in our old age, not

I don't like soldering those things, and I do little tiny SMT stuff all 
the time.  They're just a pain.

Thanks Rich.  If and when I get these in, remind me and I'll send you a 
couple of freebies.


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