[aprssig] Mini-DIN patch cables

Rich Garcia k4gpsc at gmail.com
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How about some Icom D-Star RS-232C Data cables? Those are used for both GPS
and low speed data applications on the ID-800 and  IC-2820. The stock Icom
cable runs anywhere from $28 to $40 depending on where it is purchased.
Icom's model number is
OPC-1384. The cable pinout is noted below, very simple but for some of us
soldering to these Mini-Din's is becoming more difficult in our old age, not
to mention purchasing one or two connectors and a short run of good quality
shielded cable can be tough. A null modem adapter fixes the pin swap but if
you deem necessary one model with a female designed to go to a laptop and
one model with a male and the wires swapped to be used with a GPS would be
cleaner. I envision installing a male DB9 version in my truck and then a
female DB9 version would stay with my laptop for the various D-Star
applications out there.



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I seem to remember someone mentioning specific requirements they had for
a 6-pin mini-DIN patch cable ('data' jack style), but I can't find them
now.  I know the big thing is that they have all 6 wires and have
connectors that'll fit where the keyboard style plugs won't.  I think it
had something to do with the ground connection, but I don't remember.

I got lucky last time and found a bunch of suitable cables that had been
produced for some custom high-end audio gear.  They're a little stiff,
but they've worked well.  I'm almost out of those, though, and that's
all that was available.

I've got some other cables being made now (Tracker2 serial splitters to
start with) and I'm getting a batch of mini-DIN patch cables made up
while I'm at it, since I can't find a suitable source of ready-made
cables.  If anyone's got suggestions for other cables that might be
worth ordering at the same time, let me know.  I'm not sure the factory
has the tooling for speaker mic connectors, but they can certainly
handle common audio and data connectors.

Hmm, maybe I'll have them do some DB9 to 3.5mm stereo adapters to do GPS
hookups on the DR-135T...


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