[aprssig] FREQUENCY on APRS

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Sun Jan 13 12:42:12 EST 2008

Sure enough, I am reading email backwards...

> The digipeaters are usually at a remote location 
> and not easily accessed.  I think it's up to the 
> home user to do the work of [beaconing] the information

Well, I guess I have these thoughts on that...

1) If it is a new-N digi, then all of those digis that I konw of have remote-sysop controls.  No trip to the mountain is needed by anyone.

2) If it is a new-N digi, then the design of the settings for all New-N digis provides for the use of the BTExT for the purpose of the local frequency object.

3) If it is not a new-N digi, then I hope it is secheduled for replacement with one that is when the weather warms up.

But as with ANY such grant national plan and grand scheme of things, there are always exceptions.  You are welcome to put the object at your home station, as long as you are aware of all the negative consequences.  And if these negative consequences are acceptible to you and all other users in yours and all surrounding areas, then that is fine.

In fact, I would put the object on the air from my home station too until the SYSOP got around to it.  So do not think we are saying dont do it.  We are just making sure you understand that it should be a temporary fix, until the digi can be properly configured.

Good luck and I am glad you are adding frequency to your area.


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