[aprssig] FREQUENCY on APRS

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Sun Jan 13 12:33:47 EST 2008

>  This area is current with the new paradigm.  
> I'm saying it shouldn't be the digipeater
> operator's responsibility to add any new 
> information that people in the area come up with.

I may not have followed this thread correctly, but since 2004 when the New-N paradigm was documented, the intent of the BTEXT in all new-N digis, was to contain the most important LOCAL info of direct and immediate value to mobiles in the vicinity of that digi.

The information that is best provided is usually regarded as as the Local Recommended Voice Repeater Frequency Object.  This is part of the New-N paradigm.  Once it is in place, then I do not expect any changes to burden the sysop of that digi unless for some reasons the best recommended voice repeater changes...

If the digi sysops were objecting to adding these objects, then I disagree and consider this to be part of every digi's mission and responsibilty to its users.  If this was not the thread of this discussion, then I will go back under my rock.  I appologize.

Bob, Wb4APR

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