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Amir Findling K9CHP sarlabs at twcny.rr.com
Sat Jan 5 18:38:33 EST 2008

I'll be cruising with Holland America in the Caribbean and will be on 
the air as PA/K9CHP/mm operating under CEPT as the ship is of Dutch 
registry. Holland America was very accommodating to Ham Radio Operator 
needs so far. I will be on HF, 20m, 17m SSB and any other open band. No 
APRS though. I don't think there are digis in the Islands.

    * 73 de K9CHP Amir Findling, Member ARRL, WAC
    * Senior K9 Handler, Cayuga County Highland SAR
    * K9 Certification Tester, NYS Federation of SAR Teams
    * 1st Special Response Group (1SRG)

Mark Fellhauer wrote:
> I have been invited on a 7 day Mexican Riveria cruise, probably 
> onboard the MS Carnival Pride next month.  I though this might be a 
> cool opportunity to do some HT satellite work, but found on the last 
> line of items BANNED on the crusie ship - Any Ham Radio Transmitters.
> http://www.carnival.com/cms/Images/Promo_Content/PDF/prohibited_items.pdf
> Bummer.
> I did notice that they RENT Motorola radios to passengers who want 
> them.  Hmmm...
> 73,
> Mark
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