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Mark Fellhauer sparkfel at qwest.net
Sun Jan 6 06:17:14 EST 2008

At 03:38 PM 1/5/2008, Amir Findling K9CHP wrote:

>I'll be cruising with Holland America in the Caribbean and will be on the 
>air as PA/K9CHP/mm operating under CEPT as the ship is of Dutch registry. 
>Holland America was very accommodating to Ham Radio Operator needs so far. 
>I will be on HF, 20m, 17m SSB and any other open band. No APRS though. I 
>don't think there are digis in the Islands.

Many years ago (1996) an active member of my local ham radio club, Ron 
(AF7A), won a cruise on the QE2.   He operated from the ship's TS-50 and 
made over 600 contacts (20m and 75m) on the voyage from NYC to 
Southampton.  And then got to fly home on the Concorde SST.  He even has a 
photo of Dr. Ruth at the Mic.  She happened to be on the same cruise.

I will admit that operating HT satellite has caused some minor scrapes for 
me with both private security and the police.  Post-911 not such a good 
thing.   I've even pulled out the Arrow antenna at Mt. Rushmore for a quick 
QSO when the Mountain was totally obscured by fog and rain.  Now that drew 
a crowd.  Try getting a disassembled Arrow antenna past the TSA - you might 
as well dress up like Osama bin Laden while carrying a copy of "Catcher in 
the Rye..."


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