[aprssig] ICOM 910

Andrew Rich vk4tec at people.net.au
Thu Jan 3 19:59:26 EST 2008

I think I read the manual wrong.

The 9600 baud menu option is for TX.

But what has me confused now, is setting this to 1200, does it do what my
icom 706 does, and affect the rx 9600 pin ?

I think what I have to do is

1. Set the 9600 baud option to "OFF" in the menu (this is only for TX)

2. Then 9k6 and 1k2 data will be available as normal from the 9k6 and 1k2
pins on the data sockets.

This would allow me to tx and rx 1200 baud on VHF (ISS), and rx only 9600
baud on the go32 and ao51.

Andrew Rich VK4TEC
vk4tec at people.net.au

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  At 08:49 AM 1/4/2008, Andrew wrote:

    Need some advice.

    Can I do this with the ICOM 910 ?

    1. Run ISS independantly on VFOA with a 1200 baud TNC. (and TX)
    2. Run GO-32 / AO-51 on the sub band (RX only) 9k6 - WITH an AG-35
preamp in line ?

    From what I am reading, the AG-35 or AG-25 for that matter, are powered
up the coax ??

    I have a KPC9612 TNC with seperate 1200 9k6 ports.

    That should work out nicely

    Andrew Rich VK4TEC
    vk4tec at people.net.au

  Andrew, I have a Hamtronics CC432-5 down converter kit 435-437MHz in with
28-30MHz out.


  Along with a Down East Microwave 450LNW 70cm pre amp kit (NOT powered up
coax) Its not a current model.


  You can have them for free, IF you want them. I got all SAT Mode keen
about 15 years ago and made a heap of stuff.....these kits are the


  Jack VK4JRC

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