[aprssig] ALogger version released for 6M meteor scatterapplications

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Wed Jan 2 14:50:30 EST 2008

> ... ALogger 3.1.1 at http://www.billdiaz.dynip.com
> provides capabilities to support the capture and 
> gating of packets received via 6 Meter meteor 
> scatter using various TNC's.  


I have revised my APRS MS web page to focus on this exciting new
capability.  One thing down the road we might need is for
ALOGGER to also TX messages back into the disaster area.
Something like this:

Someone send an EMAIL to the disaster area.  All 6m Igates see
the message and schedule it for transmitting.  Each Igate
transmits according to the normal 15 second TX windows for each
quadrant of the country.  They do this for say one hour (TBD).

All we have to do is figure out the probability distribution and
set the TX time for that amount of time that will give a 3 sigma
chance of delivery (97%)... And the MS Igates can share the
schedule if more than one is in any given area.

There is a pallet full of 6m radios available.  Mike in the
AMRAD group is looking into a buil purchase.  And with the 100
foot long wire giving great gain (12 dBi), the antenna should be

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