[aprssig] Google "down" - RESOLVED & Q:

Steve Noskowicz noskosteve at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 20 17:23:23 EDT 2008

Though I hadn't set any and didn't see anything other than blanks in the router security prefs (yea, like I'd actually know if I saw something), a router reboot brought Google back.  I HAVE THE POWER OVER THESE SMARTER-THAN-ME MONSTERS!  I shall not be absorbed!

  Uh ... or is it too late...

Direct responses preferred for the following OT stuff. 
This is an older (2-4 yrs) Wireless-B Linksys, common all over the place.  While it has gone comatose on occasion, nothing like this happened B4.  Do these things have any presence (ping-able ports) on the net side that a Bot could ping to gain access?  
  This PC shows in stealth mode on all ports; I checked it using Gibson Research's web utility, Shields Up, but perhaps the router has something I can also disable.  There are some prefs that sound like they could allow it to show something to the net (similar to the wireless beacons announcing its presence on RF, which I have off)

73, I really don't want to be forced into turning into an IT Guru - I already know enough to be dangerous, Steve, K9DCI

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