[aprssig] on findu ?

Keith VE7GDH ve7gdh at rac.ca
Tue Aug 19 23:33:25 EDT 2008

Kevin VE7WHK wrote...

> I notice that my call and icon do not show up on findu the map is
> there but I am not on the map (am I lost) Used to be! any suggestions?

It looks like VE7WHK hasn't made it to an IGate since Aug 4.

VE7WHK-7 was last heard about 31 1/2 hours ago. It was digi'd by
VE7RBP and then gated by VE7CHW

VE7WHK-14 was heard about 2 1/2 hours ago. It was most recently
digi'd by VE7RBP and gated by VE7CHW, but earlier it had been digi'd
by VE7RNT and gated by VE7WGN.

So... assuming that it's VE7WHK you are concerned ago, what
trouble-shooting have you done? Is UI-View still running? Is it still
communicating with your TNC? Is the radio that it is connected to
actually transmitting RF? How is the antenna doing... not fallen down or
high SWR? Are you receiving anything on RF, even if it's the local digi?

Looking at it from a different approach, how reliably can you hit any
of the digis around you? If you can only hit one and if it went off the
air, it could have left you cut off. Looking at the last time you were
heard, you went through (or were using a path of) VE7RNT, VE7RTI,
and VE7WLA and you were then gated by VE7WGN. They all seem to
be on the air as of recently, so I would look at your station and see
what conclusions you can come to. Of course, they could "all still be
there" but the path between any one of them could have deteriorated.
Start by checking out your own station. See if the nearest digi is
still reliably digipeating you.

Is there any reason why VE7WHK can't hit VE7RBP or VE7RNT?

Strangely, db0anf.de says you haven't used any digis, but you are listed
as having gone through the following a number of times... but not since
Aug 4 or so.

VE7RBP www.db0anf.de/app/aprs/stations/digiusers-VE7RBP
VE7RNT www.db0anf.de/app/aprs/stations/digiusers-VE7RNT

73 es cul - Keith VE7GDH
"I may be lost, but I know exactly where I am!"

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