[aprssig] OpenAPRS WEB page

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Wed Aug 20 09:49:04 EDT 2008

I am impressed with the Information display on the oAPRS web

In particular, I like the way it shows how each station will
show up on the mobile APRS displays.  This lets people see
clearly how their choice of text formatting makes a difference
to moblies looking for local info.

See www.oaprs.net and enter a callsign (no SSID and you get them

Great job!  Considering the focus of APRS is on the mobile
display of useful data, I encourage everyone to check out how
their beacons read by using this web page.  I also encourage
this kind of MOBILE TEXT window display on other APRS-INTERNET
web pages to encourage the use of USEFUL info instead of useless
info in their beacons.


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