[aprssig] Fuel Stops

Chris Rose kb8uih at sbcglobal.net
Tue Aug 12 19:12:39 EDT 2008

U Must identify within 10 minutes of a transmission
that doesn't initially give you call sign.  With
packet if your main beacon doesn't identify your
station, the status text should do it and at least at
@10 minute intervals.


--- "Adam C. (gmail)" <adam.cartwright at gmail.com>

> Hmm, I'm warming up to this.  My first thought on OP
> was "great, more SPAM"
> because I can imagine these little gas station
> advertisements getting digi'd
> all over the place.  But the implementation
> mentioned below actually makes
> sense.
> I'm trying to get myself and others out of the
> "tracker mentality" as well.
> I have a question there about beaconing Objects. How
> does one go about
> providing the proper identity when beaconing an
> object such as this? If
> you're using a tactical call, should you then put
> your call sign in the
> status text somewhere, so as to be legal?  Sorry for
> the noobie question,
> but I'm still trying to get my head around the
> "non-tracking" capabilities
> of APRS.
> Adam Cartwright (W0AKO)
> Castle Rock, Colorado
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> > Might I suggest something. 
> > Nothing says it has to be on the main APRS
> channel.
> Now that is another great idea!  ANd since the other
> channel would not have
> digipeaters on it, then the temptation to SPAM
> thousands of square miles
> appropriate to some of the big egos would be
> limited.
> I am wholehartedly in support of this idea.  And
> these bacons could use tiny
> tracking devices instead of requiring full-up APRS
> stations, and so could be
> set on this alternate channel to beacon every MINUTE
> locally, simplex,
> DIRECT.  Thus assuring that it remains local, and
> that the channel could
> EASILY handle hundreds of these devices.
> We would hope to find a common channel (not 144.99
> which is reserved as an
> alt-input channel for APRS).  SHucks, I'd suggest
> 145.55 the old abandoned
> SAREX channel if not already in use.
> THen a single 10 minute (local) FREQUENCY OBJECT
> beacon on 144.39 would
> advise travelers of this BEACON frequency whereever
> they were.  MOnitoring
> the channel for 1 minute should give you the local
> info you need!
> But until we break the "tracker mentality" and get
> everyone to realize that
> APRS was supposed to be a local info resource for
> display to the local and
> mobile operator, we have a long way to go...
> Bob, WB4APR
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