[aprssig] Fuel Stops

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Tue Aug 12 17:52:27 EDT 2008

>> We use this symbol for automatic TRAFFIC SPEED 
>> reporting (00 to 99 MPH).  So three digit ($$$) 
>> signs would not be confusing to MAP viewers. 

> well, except where speeds are measured in km/h

Good point, but since the intent of these signs was to show traffic problems, the lower speeds were usually the most valuable to the commuter.  I guess I would suggest that when the reported speed at a traffic choke point was greater than 99 KPH, that the three BYTES to be displayed could be ">99".  If traffic was going that fast, then it would probably not be a concenrn...

But thanks for the "world view" correction.


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