[aprssig] Fuel Stops

Adam C. (gmail) adam.cartwright at gmail.com
Tue Aug 12 17:48:40 EDT 2008

Hmm, I'm warming up to this.  My first thought on OP was "great, more SPAM"
because I can imagine these little gas station advertisements getting digi'd
all over the place.  But the implementation mentioned below actually makes

I'm trying to get myself and others out of the "tracker mentality" as well.
I have a question there about beaconing Objects. How does one go about
providing the proper identity when beaconing an object such as this? If
you're using a tactical call, should you then put your call sign in the
status text somewhere, so as to be legal?  Sorry for the noobie question,
but I'm still trying to get my head around the "non-tracking" capabilities
of APRS.

Adam Cartwright (W0AKO)
Castle Rock, Colorado

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> Might I suggest something. 
> Nothing says it has to be on the main APRS channel.

Now that is another great idea!  ANd since the other channel would not have
digipeaters on it, then the temptation to SPAM thousands of square miles
appropriate to some of the big egos would be limited.

I am wholehartedly in support of this idea.  And these bacons could use tiny
tracking devices instead of requiring full-up APRS stations, and so could be
set on this alternate channel to beacon every MINUTE locally, simplex,
DIRECT.  Thus assuring that it remains local, and that the channel could
EASILY handle hundreds of these devices.

We would hope to find a common channel (not 144.99 which is reserved as an
alt-input channel for APRS).  SHucks, I'd suggest 145.55 the old abandoned
SAREX channel if not already in use.

THen a single 10 minute (local) FREQUENCY OBJECT beacon on 144.39 would
advise travelers of this BEACON frequency whereever they were.  MOnitoring
the channel for 1 minute should give you the local info you need!

But until we break the "tracker mentality" and get everyone to realize that
APRS was supposed to be a local info resource for display to the local and
mobile operator, we have a long way to go...


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