[aprssig] Weather Stations and Net Neutrality

Cap Pennell cap at cruzio.com
Tue Aug 12 14:46:14 EDT 2008

Boyd K5YKG wrote:
> I resigned all my public
> service involvement in 1998 and subsequently moved back to Texas in 2004
> so I have no idea of what's being done now, but the foregoing worked and
> worked well at the time.
> I offer this for what it's worth!
> 73 de Boyd Prestwood, K5YKG (ex-W2HOB)

Thanks for your fine service in that previous century, but this is 2008 and
now there is more understanding of courteous VHF APRS operating guidelines,
and how NWS uses our WX data (once every 15 minutes routinely).  Today,
amateur VHF WX stations no longer need to excessively reduce throughput for
all the other stations sharing VHF APRS airtime.

NWS has far better access to our ham weather data now (at once every 15
minutes), and Citizen's WX and other WX station networks, than they did back

For one example, view (N7HQR&W7KKE) Portland area, Oregon coast WX:
(note: rawsflag=290)

73, Cap KE6AFE
still DEC here in Santa Cruz County

P.S.  Congrats to Oregon coast on their development of ham email
capabilities too!
I only wish California's more densely populated Santa Clara Valley (Silicon
Valley) could catch a clue.  So far, still no RMS there.

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