[aprssig] BOUY-4

Scott Miller scott at opentrac.org
Mon Aug 11 14:56:47 EDT 2008

> Also, with a Tracker2, the temperature sensor could be put at the bottom 
> of the enclosure to measure water temperature and it could of course 
> also include the supply voltage in the beacon.

And speaking of the Tracker2 and transceivers, the first samples of the 
VHF transceiver modules are in!  The integrated T2 board needs a couple 
of tweaks, but the radios are looking good so far.  They top out at 
about 6.5 watts at 15 volts, and in testing with my HP 8920A I was able 
to get a clean packet decode at least 10 dB lower than what I could get 
on my Alinco DR-135T.  Could be that my 135 is just deaf, though, so 
I'll fire up the TM-271A when I get a chance.

If anyone has a good test setup for 9600 baud on 2 meters, I'd be happy 
to loan out one of the units for testing.  Unfortunately I've only got 
two at the moment, and I can't spare both.  I'd check it myself, but the 
only 9600 baud TNCs I've got on hand are EJ-41Us and I don't have time 
to try adapting them.


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