[aprssig] Mobile Displays on FINDU & .FI

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Mon Aug 11 14:07:43 EDT 2008

Regarding INFO displays in mobiles:

> We on this APRSSIG are only 4% of APRS, and 
> so it takes more than me just complaining here.  
> I am asking everyone on this SIG to look at 
> traffic in their area, and HELP get operators 
> to be aware of what their INFO looks like on recept.

I wonder if we can get FINDU.COM and APRS.FI and all other APRS display pages to display a "MOBILE WINDOW" that shows what all position packet TEXT data looks like to the MOBILE operator on his standard 10x10x8 display?

If the FINDU or .FI display also shows the same data format as is flashed on the mobile radio display, it would go a long way towards helping people format their text to be more useful in the mobile!

For the last 10 years and especially since the New-N Paradigm in 2004, we have stressed the importance of formatting text for best display to the APRS mobile operator.  And this is simply formatting the most important info for best display on the 10x10x8 display line format.


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