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Gary n6lrv at cox.net
Sun Aug 10 19:20:18 EDT 2008

Dear John,
Yes I am unaware of the difference between the WWW and the internet as I'm one of the millions who
consider both one and the same these days and that does little to change my original comment which
by the way, was posted to the entire group vs. you alone yet you have taken it upon yourself to
attack me, twist the meaning of my comments, simplify and nullify my position, how dare you. I
merely asked the group why put email addresses in APRS messages at all and why other info wouldn't
be preferable. I'm very disappointed in the comments I've read in various messages that say
something like what you wrote in that "if I want someone to email me questions about my station, I
might want to include my email address". That's a self-centered thing to write in my view not to
mention a waste of limited bytes on the APRS message you send. Why would someone want to email you
just because they saw your APRS station on their screen? Does it help them at that moment? I doubt
it. If a traveler was looking for a talk in freq to your local hamfest and only saw your email
address on the screen vs. local repeater info for assistance I know I'd look elsewhere for help as
your station info is useless at the time. I think APRS messages should contain, first and foremost,
local and regional info helpful to travelers so they can get the help they need, reach people
locally, etc. not wait around for an email answer. Maybe someone traveling in the Northwest doesn't
have cell coverage or internet access but they do have a portable APRS station with them, they need
help now but the local Digi only offers an email address instead the details of a local two meter
repeater that this traveler may program in and call for help on. Your hostility today is inexcusable
and just because I don't agree with your position on email addresses in APRS messages? Clearly
you're a self proclaimed plethora of information and feel it is your duty on this earth to police at
least my opinions expressed on this list. Far be it from me to waste any more of my invaluable time
with you or this topic as it does little to change things and you clearly have nothing better to do
than pick a fight.

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You ask why you would include an email address at all?  Well, if
someone asks me for my email address, why should I refuse.  If I want
someone to email me questions about my station, I might want to
include my email address.

You ask why communicate via the internet?  Why not?  Aren't you
communicating via the internet right now?

You claim that in many cases there is info that can be of more
immediate help to a traveler than an email address.  Yes, so feel free
to transmit that type of information.  Geez, no one is claiming that
APRS serves only to disseminate email addresses.

Your question is not valid, it is not relevant and it does not broaden
the pool of answers, it takes the thread off-topic.  You express that
you are "concerned about this seemingly never-ending effort in amateur
radio to connect more and more radio modes to the World Wide Web."  I
think you mean the Internet, not the World Wide Web.  They are two
different things.  Get on topic or start another thread.

> You argue that standardizing on an email format within APRS messages will facilitate misuse of
> info while I ask why include an email address at all? Why put an email address in there anyway if
> not to invite email which, in most cases today, is communication via the internet. In many cases,
> including Bob's Dallas thread, there is info that can be of more immediate help to a traveler than
> an email address. The boundaries of this thread are not yours alone to define so my question is
> valid, relevant, and intended to broaden the pool of answers to this potential problem of spamming
> email addresses from APRS messages.
> Gary R.

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