[aprssig] KPC3P-8.3 fill in digi settings?

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Thu Aug 7 16:28:02 EDT 2008

> The purpose of this digi will be to extend 
> the range of an IGate, and I think that is 
> referred to as a "fill-in digi".  In any case, 
> all we want is to digipeat APRS packets so 
> that KE5C-15, a javaprssrvr IGate, in direct 
> range 30 miles away will hear them.

What APRS packets from where? It is hard to visualize.  Are you saying you have an area of APRS activity that has no APRS IGate currently.  Yet, there is an IGate 30 miles away..  away from what?  An existing digi?

And you want to add another digi closer to the IGate to help it hear the existing digi which it cannot hear now?

In that case, it is not a FILL-IN digi (which usually means a digi that hears mobiles in an area and forwards them into other digis.  Those digis only digipeat WIDE1-1 packets from mobiles.

If I understand that you want the reverse, to forward packets into a weak area, then the settings for a WIDE1-1 FIll-in digi will accomplishe nothing for that task.  You need a full up New-N Paradigm digi...

>  I think I want:
> uidupe 30
> uiflood wide,30,noid
> uidwait ?????

You want all of the settings as defined on this web page:

http://aprs.org/kpc3/kpc3+WIDEn.txt  for 8.3 or 9.1 or
http://aprs.org/kpc3/kpc3+82WIDEn.txt for 8.2 roms

uidupe 30
uiflood TX,30,ID
uitrace WIDE,30

plus set up all the four settings for BLT 1,2,3,4, LT 1,2,3,4  and LTP 1,2,3,4 in the LT's include the PHGxxxx and also in the LT's include "W2, TXn-N ....".  

Plus the BText for the recommended voice repeater in that area.  See www.aprs.org/localinfo.html

Tell me the lat/long,
height above average terrain,
and ill prepare te LTexts

Tel me the lat/long and freq of the nearest receommended voice repeater, weekly net times an dmonthly meeting dates of the club and I'll help you with the BTEXT


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